Parkside has a dedicated Equine Team of five vets (increasing to 6 soon) who only do large animal work during the day and they are the only Parkside vets you will see on a large animal call at night with a separate Large Animal office and telephone number (811111) to answer any queries during normal office hours. Many veterinary practices have vets who share their time between pets and large-animal work, but Parkside separates these specialities.

Such an arrangement allows for good continuity and speedy communication between vets, especially when patients have to be seen by a different vet, for example when the original vet is on holiday. This is further helped by our computerised records of your horses' treatments.

Along with the modern treatment centre at our Kings Cross Road surgery, we have digital X-rays for instant viewing, video endoscopy for minimal-invasion  internal investigation, the latest high-definition ultrasound, advanced dentistry with extensive dental equipment and extensive in-house laboratory facilities for rapid results. Ongoing specialised vet training in many subjects mean greater knowledge and understanding, with your horse benefiting the most! See the Equine team HERE.

We have even gone that further and we are, again, accredited by the RCVS under their Practice Standards Scheme for Equine, Farm and Pet practice giving you the reassurance of an independently inspected high standard of service and expertise. Also, we can offer a bespoke health service for your horse, herd or flock, including planned equine worm-egg counts and vaccine reminders. 

We have a dedicated equine and farm site on our website and a practice Facebook presence for all the up-to-date information and news. 

In addition we have experience in dealing with some small-holding pets and more unusual patients which may also be on a stable or farm, such as Alpacas, pigs, pigmy goats and even honey bees!

One dedicated phone number, if you want to chat - 01382 811111