‘Veterinary View’ is a joint project between BVA (British Veterinary Asociation) and ITN Productions to produce a programme for and about the veterinary profession. 

This part of vets.tv is made up of a series of short films, debates and interviews, including news content from BVA and sponsored films from veterinary and animal health-related companies to make people more aware of these subjects. Click on a link to view one of these.

How is the veterinary profession changing?

A strong relationship between vets and clients.

Veterinary surveillance - protecting the public from diseases.

Mental Health and wellbeing in the community.

Are more vets a good idea?

Is veterinary education keeping up?

Debating the future of the Veterinary profession.

24 hour care by Vets4Pets  (Parkside do there own 24 hour care)

How extreme temperature can affect your dog.

Microchipping to become compulsory all over UK.

Dog and Cat obesity.

Helping Vets access pet information.

Innovation and specialist products for vets.

Supply chain for vets.

Supporting vets throughout their career.