Remember that routine vaccinations are covered by the Premier Pet Club from Parkside, saving you money on vaccinations, flea prevention, worming and other offers exclusive to members of the PPC. Click this link for more information. 

Vaccinations protect a pet against infections which we cannot treat and mzay well result in the death of the pet. So if you can't treat it, prevent it - by vaccination! We use Nobivac vaccines by MSD animal health for all your pets' needs. All pets receive a full clinical examination when they come to us for vaccination.

Cats need 2 injections, with 3 weeks in between - the earliest start is 9 weeks. They are protected against cat flu , feline enteritis(=panleukopaenia and the original, only vaccine for cats) and feline Leukaemia virus (FeLv). This last disease is optional (it is not needed for boarding kennels or if you cat is to be a house-cat only) but we strongly recommend it for young cats who go outside, to keep them protected. FeLv is transmitted sexually or in fights, so the indoor cat cannot become infected, that's why there is no need to protect these cats against FeLv.

All need annual vaccination boosters (one injection). If they are very late for a booster, the course may need to start again, to protect the cat fully. Parkside sends vaccination reminders 12 months after a vaccine was administered.