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Equine Flu

WE RECOMMEND THAT HORSES ARE VACCINATED AGAINST TETANUS AND EQUINE FLU. Two doses are required to protect your horse, with 3-5 weeks between each dose. You can start from twelve weeks of age.

For FLU protection, they must then have a booster between five and seven months after the second dose and subsequent annual boosters which should be WITHIN one year of the last booster.

This less than 365 day rule is paramount if your horse is ever going to any premises where Jockey Club rules apply. This could be going to summer pony-club camp at Perth Race Course or many large shows and events. A horse is never too old to vaccinate.

The vaccines we now use have the most up-to-date flu strains with a high purity and low level of vaccine reactions which can result in swellings and pain after other Vaccines and after the first course, the tetanus part only has to be done ever TWO years to fully protect your horse.


If everyone saw a case of tetanus then ALL horses would be vaccinated. Horses are extremely sensitive to the Tetanus bug. A dog is 200 times less likely to contract tetanus - and we even VERY occasionally see them affected. It is the small puncture wounds (which you miss), rather than the big bloody wounds, which are most likely to allow entry of the Tetanus bacillus which can lie dormant in the soil for MANY years- so VACCINATE! The bacterium produces a toxin which interferes with nerve function, causing massive fit-like spasms and eventually respiratory distress and death. There is no cure, just prevention by vaccination.


This vaccine is now available but only gives 6 month's protection - only 3 months if high risk. It is given by injection into the underside of the upper lip of a horse! Because of the increased risk in liveries, some are insisting on Vaccination, which prevents Strangles from ever starting in such yards.


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