If your dog, cat our horse is behind with vaccination boosters, they are likely to need two initial vaccine doses in order to protect them fully. To  encourage owners to fully protect these animals who have missed boosters, Parkside is running a Vaccination Amnesty  (till the end of February - now extended till end March 2018)) allowing you to pay for a single booster but still receive TWO vaccine doses in order to fully protect your pets again. The second dose is FREE.

Immunity wanes with time and pets will become susceptible to the infections which we can prevent with vaccination, so make make use of these savings before the end of of February.

Typical savings are -

for dogs:  £20.50 saving
for indoor cats:  £29.40 saving
for outdoor cats:  £30.00 saving

Horses save the cost of the second vaccine dose but still need to pay for a visit. It's free if you can bring your horse to the equine facility at Kings Cross Road or share a visit with others at your livery.
If five different owners make use of this offer at the same time, then both visits would be FREE