With the decline in dairy cows, most of our farm work now involves suckler herds, where a cow will calve each year and raise a calf at foot.

We encourage vaccination to prevent problems, but only advocate this if the problem has been diagnosed. Examples of this are RSV, IBR, Pasteurella and E-coli in calves, where calf vaccination decimates the problem.

Careful planning is necessary for optimum protection. Rotavirus scour is one we have seen more over the years in young calves and in this case, the Cow is vaccinated to protect the calf through the milk in those early weeks of life.

Vaccinating the dam is also the way forward for the disease B.V.D (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea), seen mainly in the offspring, later in life, with the recent introduction of a good vaccine, while IBR is now very prevalent and many many fattening units will vaccinate all their stock against this every year, with eradication of this disease now taking place.

Planned breeding with A.I. maybe of help to you and we can advise accordingly.

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