This is used to look into difficult places and so avoid invasive surgery. We can see into a pets lungs, check the throat and stomach lining - pull out a stuck pair of socks or pants from a pup's stomach! - use it to see why a pet is passing blood - take biopsies from the bowel, see into a horse's airways etc.

We have a modern Video-endoscope - it works essentially the same as the old one but delivers much better pictures and more adaptable scopes and instruments. Made by Storz, this is the same as in many large referral practices.This allows us to view the picture on a monitor screen rather than looking down the scope itself. This investment allows us to do more for your animals. We can remove objects from the stomach, take biopsies here and in the bowel and look into the lungs and take special samples from here too. In horses it is used mainly for diagnosing airway disease and to inspect the gutteral pouches at the back of the throat.

Your pet still needs a general anaesthesia for this procedure, although horses are done under sedation only - at our Equine treatmant facility at Kings Cross Road, Dundee.


Here you can see the corrugated (normal) stomach lining of the small dog seen left.