When a pet becomes older, it is more common to find disease in the form of mouth infections, diabetes, arthritis, lumps and bumps etc and if we only see your dog or cat once a year for vaccination, then it could mean that a condition may develop which would have been better to haver been treated at an earlier stage. Many problems can be found at an early stage and early treatment means a healthier longer life

If we feel it is in your pet's interest, we may advise that we undertake a senior health check every 6 months. The age from which we recommend this will vary with the pet, according to how fit they are, the breed and their life-style. We will advise accordingly. We charge an examination fee for this, but strongly recommend it for your pet's health monitoring.

If you bring a urine sample, then we will test it with a dip-test for free.

Senior cats (over 10 years) are prone to developing conditions that can be subclinical, (not showing signs to an owner). By checking over your cat every 6 months rather than yearly, at vaccinations, we can aim to provide early diagnosis and treatment for the following conditions:

•Chronic kidney disease, causing thirst, increased urination, weight loss and inappetance.

•Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) will often presnt with weight loss, a hungry cat with a poor coat.

•Diabetes is increasing, especially in indoor overweight cats, shown by weight loss and a thirsty cat.

•Arthritis. Signs can be subtle—stiffness on rising, slower, not jumping and reduce playtime.

•High blood pressure can cause sudden blindness and is often seen in conjunction with one or more of the above conditions.

•Dental disease—very common, results in mouth pain and gum infections.

At Parkside we would recommend bringing your elderly cat to us every 6 months for a health check. To screen for some of the above conditions we may wish to take your cat’s blood pressure (no sedation), and we may need blood and urine samples to provide early diagnosis of the above. This can lead to a more successful treatment/management and a longer happier life for your cat.