Lost and Found with a TRACER ADVANCE microchip.

If your pet is lost but is identifiable by having a microchip, then we can identify them when they are found. A special reader tells us the pet's number and after a phone call to the database at PetLog, we find out your name and address with phone number, so we can re-unite the two of you. All Vets and rescue places have readers nowadays. Petlog is the most reliable database for storing your pets' details. Tracer Advance microchips also come with 4 weeks FREE PetPlan pet insurance, which you can activate fully at any time during those 4 weeks. Tracer chips are highly reliable, stronger than glass microchips, readable by moast readers and we feel that the little extra they cost, is well worth it. Legally, all dogs must be microchip by the time they are 8 weeks old. If you buy a pup older that this, make sure his chip is active when you have your pup checked over just after he/she comes home.

The Tracer Advance chip is made of an inert plastic, which does not migrate under the skin and is stronger than other glass-based chips. It is inserted during a consult, using a needle on an applicator. It can be done at vaccination time, or commonly at neutering around 6 months of age, when they won't even feel it! Young horses are identified by microchips too and can be done any time. Tracer needles, in which the chip sits before it is pushed by the applicator) are now narrower than most, so it's not so sore as with the usual wider needle.

You pay £19-99 including VAT and full registration - one-off - and Petlog, who keep the numbers, have no more charges, except if you wish to change your details if, for example, you move house. 50% OFF if you join the Premier Pet Club. (details HERE).
Great peace of mind.

Recently, two dogs were handed in to us by a passer-by who found they the dogs on their own, running across a busy road. We scanned them and found they were chipped, so we could find out who they belonged to (they were clients!). We phoned the contact number (the home number) and there was no answer - because the owners were out looking for their dogs! So register a mobile number or friend's number as well as your home phone number!!

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Pet-Plan insurance has joined up with Tracer to offer you a FREE 4 week trial of their pet insurance after you have a Tracer implanted.

More information about identity chipping can be seen at the PETLOG web site petlog

New laws mean that ALL dogs in Scotland must be identified by a microchip as of 6th April 2016. This means all dogs in the UK will now be microchipped.