A pet's behaviour can sometimes be a huge problem and it may affect the bond between an owner and their pet. At Parkside we strongly recommend dog owners to buy (at cost price!) a copy of Good Puppy and Good Dog, by Erica Peachy for good, solid sensible advice and guidelines for pups and young dogs. In this way you may avoid a problem developing. Next stage for dogs is to join a good training club. This does not train your dog once a week, it trains you to train your dog every day!

We can advise in most cases and our nurses are knowledgeable too, but serious dog problems are often referred to a trained animal behaviourist. Your first appointment will last around one hour, maybe done in your house and you will be given a written report/information to follow.


In practice, trainers will use both reinforcement and punishment in their training. Parkside believes more is to be gained by positive reinforcement. Praise for doing well/desired behaviour will gain more respect from a better balanced, happier dog than punishment for bad behaviour. After all, every dog wants to please us! The trick is letting them know what pleases you - which should be the good behaviour you want from your dog.


If we think they may help you and your pet, you may be directed to download one of these advice sheets, to the side, and you can print these from here.  Please do not self-diagnose using them - you may make matters worse!
You will need adobe acrobat to view and print these - you can download it for free, if you click on the button 

A source of good advice with printable advice sheets is the APBC - the Association of Pet Behavioural Councilors. They have downloads for many subjects from mouthing puppies to nervous dogs and babies.

Use this APBC link 

to go to their web site.


While we give these links and advice with the best intentions, there are many conflicting opinions on dog training, but we hope that these will be an aid and they are our thoughts to understanding the problems in canine behaviour. Please feel free to tell us of your problems as we do work with specialist pet behaviourists who may be the way forward for you and your pet, in extreme circumstances. Dogs are here for you to enjoy and they should enjoy your company. If that is not the case, please seek advice early.

Dogs want to please us and many problems arise when an owner is not clear in what they want their dog to do, so he/she becomes confused and appears disobedient but, in fact, he does not know what is wanted of him/her. Read a lot - Erica Peachy's  book called "Good Puppy`" is recommended for every owner when they first but a dog. You will not go wrong by following her advice. These articles are here as a guide for you -

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