To arrange a visit, please telephone PARKSIDE EQUINE at our main Dundee surgery (Kings Cross Road) - 01382 810777 or phone direct using the Parkside Equine number - 01382 811111, during office hours. 810777 is the 24-hour emergency number, but either number will be answered.

Please try to specify a broad time that is suitable to call and give a brief description of the horse's symptoms. Obviously, urgent calls take priority.

Give your home address as well as where the horse is at livery if this is different and try to leave a contact number. Complicated lamenesses may need follow-up visits for nerve-blocks, Xrays etc. We may ask you to bring your horse to Parkside Equine, at Kings Cross Road for these more detailed examinations.

If your horse is at livery and you need a non-urgent call, then arrange a visit along with some friends who have horses due for vaccination boosters, rasping or similar, as we will pass the savings on to you. If we see horses belonging to 5 different owners at the same livery, we will cancel the Visit charge!