If you think you have an emergency, rest assured that a Parkside Equine vet is always on-call for you and your horse. We attend calls out-of-hours for clients already registered with Parkside. If you have a different vet attending your horses, you should phone that vet and not us.

Try not to panic, give us your home address, the address where the horse is presently at and please give a contact phone number. Tell us of any problems there may be in finding a livery (or field!) with which we may not be familiar. Keep your phone with you in case we have any problem finding you.

Remember we do not have other vets or pet-vets covering our on-call, like some practices do and you will always be seen by an Equine Vet from Parkside Equine.

Keep calm! Call 01382 811111. Your call will be answered by our emergency service and the Parkside Equine vet on-call will call you back.