Your dog or cat may need their heart to be examined in great detail and this can be done by using ultrasound to measure thickness of heart muscle, examine the valves, measure ecg and look at blood flow through the heart using doppler (like a submarine detects movement).

This can detect treatable conditions at an early stage and minmise damage, prolonging healthy living! Pets are admitted after 0830 and go home same day, later in the afternoon.

At Parkside we use an advanced ultrasound scanner with multiple examining heads for special effects, with a doppler facility for examining blood flow and we have experienced vets who can make use of our advanced scanner and can advise on most conditions. We are not NHS, so discussions of findings will be done with you upon collection of your pet.

We can then advise on the best course of treatment (if appropriate) for the condition found. Early diagnosis of heart problems can greatly increase the life expectancy of your pet and allow a happy, good-quality life.

The links below may help you.

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The expertise of Orthopaedic Certificate Holder and Parkside partner, Stuart Ashworth has allowed us to offer orthopaedic referrals for over 10 years. He is registered as an Advanced Practitioner in this surgical speciality. Our bank of specialised equipment with compressed-air driven drills, dedicated operating space and highest standard of vacuum instrument sterlisation allows us to repair complicated fractures, investigate spinal disease and complicated lamenesses and even carry out cruciate rapairs using the Slocum method (TPLO = Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy).

We can now carry out minimal invasion endoscopy of joints (arthroscopy) to look for abnormailities and also repair damaged cartilage or remove joint debris without majpr surgery. This involves inserting a rigid steel endoscope into the joint and enjoying the view on a high-definition screen. Instruments can then be used through another canula (tube) to pick up debris, trim cartillage and more.

Your Vet will also be reassured that our charges represent a great saving compared to external referrals.

Please be advised by your Vet. Our surgery map can be seen HERE.The Kings Cross Road surgery is just off the Kingsway, Dundee's bypass route and there is easy shopping nearby if you need to pass the time.

If surgery is to be carried out, then we would expect an overnight stay and home next day. We will advise and give you post-operative care notes when your pet is collected.


We have the equipment and expertise to offer this service where we can investigate stomach and bowel problems, look into the airways in the lungs, take biopsies, bronchial lavage and even retieve foreign objects - all without invasive surgery.
Abdominal ultrasound allows to examine organs in great detail, taking measurements, looking at blood flow with doppler and being able to "see" much more than you would with Xray.
These procedures will often avoid invasive surgery.
The Parkside surgery you would attend is at 5 Kings Cross Road, Dundee and you can see a Google map HERE to see easy directions to us.
Pets are admitted early in the day and go home in the afternoon when the case and findings are discussed with you. A written report goes to your Vet.

storz endoscope in use