Mites are tiny insects and when mites live in the skin we call the condition mange. Sarcoptic mites cause scabies - very itchy, causing lots of itching and hair loss- but easily treated. Demodex mites cause demodectic mange - very persistent, living deep in the hair follicles and difficult to treat, often showing as if it was a bacterial infection. Otodectes mites live in the ear and these ear mites cause a dry crumbly wax to be produced in dogs and cats while in rabbits they produce a creamy brown crust inside the ear.


They all cause irritation, scratching and subsequent patchy hair loss. This pup had Sarcoptic mange or scabies, seen here after a bath. She was lovely and could have been much less affected if she had been seen sooner.














Long antibiotic courses are needed as well as weekly baths and special "spot-on" treatments

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