What happens to your pet?

Operations are carried out every day at Dundee and Barnhill surgeries where we can offer a full range of surgery and investigations. We are fully equipped with digital radiology (X-ray), ultrasound, endoscopy  with some more-specialised procedures,  only being done at the Kings Cross Road site.

Dogs and cats must have no food after bed-time on the previous night, prior to admission, but they should have access to water till breakfast time on the day of the op. Small furries, including rabbits should NOT be deprived of food and they should come to the surgery with access to food and water. Take dogs for a walk for toilet purposes before they come to the surgery.

When your pet comes in, a nurse will fill in an admission sheet and consent form with you, then your pet is weighed and given a "pre-med" injection, which causes relaxation and sleepiness as well as analgesia (pain-relief), preparing them for anaesthesia and surgery. The pre-med allows us to give less anaesthetic for the same effect, so it makes the procedure safer. Also, we use the drug Propofol for the rapid induction (knock-out) of your pet and we use Isoflurane in Oxygen for the safest maintenance of anaesthesia. This allows us to guage anaesthetic depth very accurately, with a rapid, hangover-free recovery. Further pain relief is administered during or just before surgery and we send pets home with pain relief medication as appropriate for the case.

This is the gold standard of anaesthesia which all your pets receive at Parkside. We have ten anaesthetic machines in the practice, all of which use Isoflurane in Oxygen. We feel your pets are worth that extra investment.

Occasionally a procedure like an Xray may be done under sedation only. This involves an injectible drug which will cause a dog or cat to become very sleepy, but maintain a swallow reflex. We can then carry out the procedure and administer an antidote, to cause a rapid return to consciousness. This is not necessarily the safest way for an old or ill dog and we would always advise you of the best method we thought appropriate.

It is important to follow the post-op instructions you are given when you collect your pet. You can look them over by clicking a link on the right.

If your pet needs to stay with us for a day or two, they will be hospitalised at the Kings Cross Road surgery.