Parkside can repair most fractures, thanks to the specialised skills of partner, Stuart Ashworth who holds a specialisation certifiate in small-animal orthopaedics and is on the official register as an Advanced Practitioner in Small-animal Orthopaedics

Fractures, usually of limb bones, often happen in a car accident, or the young pup dropped by a child, or falls from a height. Some mad young spaniels will fracture their elbow just racing around on their own!

Old plasters are rarely ever used nowadays and we use plates or pins (intenal fixators) or external fixator as you see here. Here, the pieces of bone are are held with small pins which go through them and these are held still externally by clamping them to a steel rod running the length of the bone. If the pieces are held still, they heal! These are well accepted in both dogs and cats and will avoid the sores and rubbing if a cast was used.

Compressed-air drills are used along with a host of highly specialised equipment.

Pelvic repairs are carried out sometimes for severe injuries, though most broken pelvises will repair themselves with cage rest.

See also Cruciate ligament repair.