Fish hooks are barbed in the UK which makes it very hard for them to be removed if they become stuck. We see then in pets' mouths, cheeks, tongue, lips, feet, but here is a case where the hook was half way down the dogs gullet!

Glen, a 7 year old Golden retriever was out for his usual walk with his owners on a Saturday night just before bed time at Anstruther pier.  Unfortunately Glen found a fish hook still on part of a fishing line, and he swallowed it!  Probably still had a nice fishy smell.

Glen visited his vet on Sunday morning who took some xrays and then referred Glen on to Stuart Ashworth at Parkside Vets for possible endoscopy. The position of the hook was potentially very dangerous and without an endoscope, would need major surgery along the neck. The xrays of his neck showed the fish hook was stuck in the Glen's oesophagus half-way down his neck and his vet hoped that our endoscopy expertise could be used.

By using our video endoscope, which has a channel for passing down tiny tools, like graspers,  Stuart was able to retrieve the fish hook successfully without Glen having to undergo major neck surgery.

Glen recovered from his procedure at Parkside and returned home the same day to his owners.