X-rays allow the examination of internal organs, but especially the skeleton. Pets must be heavily sedated or anaesthetised for radiology, to avoid movement and for personal protection in Health and Safety issues. They are usually admitted as day-patients, going home in the late afternoon, when our findings can be discussed with you at a pre-arranged appointment.

We also carry out diagnostic imaging using contrast media, to show up further internal details.

X-rays can be done at both Dundee and Barnhill surgeries. We use digital technolgy at both surgeries, which gives us very clear images, viewed on computer. We have three digital units, one for Equine and two for pets.

Equine X-rays can be taken at livery, but we can be more thorough if the horse can be transported to our Equine unit at Kings Cross Road in Dundee, where we can discuss our findings with you on the spot.

Our extra investment is worth the effort!

Scary Eyes

One of our rarer animals in for Xray!