Prebook sampling for worm eggs in your horese's dung. Save money and maybe deworm less and save even more!

Due to the excellent uptake of our faecal worm egg count offer (FWEC) last year, we will be rolling it out again in 2015. 
Benefits of the offer : 
- In our testing in 2014, only approximately 20% of horses had high worm burdens requiring worming, therefore FWECs will reduce the unnecessary use of wormers. 
- More targeted worming will reduce the speed of roundworms developing resistance to drugs.
- Save money: FWECs are cheaper than worming drugs!

How it works
- Phone the Equine office ( 01382 811111) to book your worm egg count pack from Parkside Vets, Kings Cross Road, Dundee. This will contain: 3x prepaid envelopes, 3 sample pots, stickers, instructions on how to collect samples & a sample submission sheet for each sample.
- Collect a fresh faecal sample from your horse in April, July and September. Label the sample with a sticker, complete request form and post all together in prepaid envelope with the sample sheet directly to the lab.
- Your results will be returned to Parkside Equine. One of our equine vets will call you with results and up to date individualised advice on your worming protocol.
Cost: Only £26.50 incl VAT per horse - charged at time of collecting kit. Compare this to 4 tubes of wormer a year!

Speak to the Equine Office on 01382 811111 for any more info on this!