You will be directed to call 01382 810777 for pets  and 01382 811111 for equine and farms

We have 2 Vets and one nurse who are always on-call. One Vet covers pets while the other attends horses and farm emergencies. If you have a pet, then a Parkside Vet (who only treats Pets) will see you. If you have a horse, then only a Parkside Equine Vet (who treats horses) will see you.

If you think you may have an emergency, please call us in the first instance so that we can discuss the case and decide on the best course of action. Out-of-hours, you will be directed to our emergency phone service where your details will be taken. This is passed on to our on-call Vet, who will phone you back immediately. You will only be seen by a Parkside vet as we do not use "night vets" to do our on-call, so your pets' records are all to hand at any surgery.

We only carry out out-of-hours work for our own clients, so please do not phone if you and your pets are not registered with us - call the Vet you normally attend. Every Vet must provide a 24 hour service for their clients - either by themselves or pass you on to someone who does!