Are your horse’s vaccinations up to date? 

The Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy campaign (KBHH) is now well established, and we are continuing to support it and hope you are, too! The aims of the campaign are supported by leading equine and veterinary organisations, such as World Horse Welfare, the Animal Health Trust, The Horse Trust, and Bailey’s Horse Feeds.

As a practice, we believe this campaign is crucial in promoting preventative healthcare that protects and maintains equine health locally and nationally.  We will be demonstrating on our website how the practice is working locally to improve the health of horses, so remember to log on regularly and check out the latest news and activities.  KBHH is now live on social media so check out @keepinghorseshealthy on Facebook and Twitter as well as our practice page for news, information and to join the community.  

One of the focuses of KBHH is encouraging vaccination against infectious disease and explaining the role vaccination has in protecting the individual horse and also the health of the UK horse population in general (herd immunity).

There have been recent outbreaks of flu in the North and South of England and Scotland so make sure your horse doesn’t add to the flu statistics. Call the practice to talk to us about vaccination, your horse’s vaccination history, local disease risk and other ways we can work together to make sure that your horse stays on top form this season.

If you keep your horse on a yard or you manage a yard you will be interested in our latest yard initiative, which we are running in conjunction with the KBHH campaign. Every yard is different and so it is important that a tailor-made programme is developed, covering aspects such as preventing the entry of infectious respiratory disease and the key steps that yard managers and their clients should take to prevent or control an outbreak.  Keep an eye out for our article on protecting your yard against infectious diseases, coming soon. 


If you would like advice and guidance on implementing an effective yard policy, call the practice and we will be pleased to assist you. We have a range of materials that are available to use and all materials can be tailor made to suit your individual yard. 

Read about the national campaign HERE