CBeebies are back (with some filming at Parkside) with an exciting new series called Fearne and Rory’s vet tales. This is similar to “my pet and me” with the same presenters, where they will head out once again to meet kids and their pets.  The pet will have an ongoing medical issue or condition that needs to be or currently is being addressed requiring the care of a vet. 

Cbeebies are currently in the process of casting and are looking for young children aged between 4-7 years old from the Dundee area to take part.  Filming is scheduled to begin mid-September and run through to mid-October.

The successful child will need to ask a guardian to come along with them to Parkside to be filmed and may need to come in a few times so the viewers can follow the pet story. Children should be 4-7 years old, have an adult family member willing to take part and be chatty and outgoing.

Parkside would love one of our clients to have this opportunity as filming is to be done at Parkside, so we encourage all young children in the Dundee area to complete an application form and submit it with a photo of themselves and their pet which has an existing condition.


Some examples:  Pregnant pet, over weight pets, skin conditions, rabbits and guinea pigs requiring attention to teeth and claws, new pets being brought to the surgery laparoscopic surgery  endoscopy, lamenesses, even a sore ear! The BBC have already lots of dogs and horses so they are especially looking for cats, small furries, (rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits) and exotic pets like iguanas

You must use the Application form - CLICK HERE

You must have an adults permission to take part and all contact with the BBC must be with the adult, including phone numbers and email addresses. You must include a recent photo of the child,  and closing date for applications is 31st August 2017. Post or email only please to 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to 

Ferne and Rory's Vet Tales Peroduction Team
BBC Scotland
Zone 4.34
40 Pacific Quay
Glasgow G511DA

If you don't hear from the BBC by the end of August, then it means you have been unsuccessful and the BBC can't guarantee that every child contacted will have a place on the show, but it sounds like great fun to take part - remember photos of child and pet, (non-returnable) and fill in what's wrong and how it is being treated, on the application form!